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Dating Agency Cyrano Review

Review: Dating Agency Cyrano

The VERY QUICK Verdict:

Dating Agency Cyrano can be described as breezy, light and entertaining.

It’s not uncommon for plot logic to demand an element of belief. This show still has enough positive points to be enjoyable.

The overall story and the cases of each day’s events aren’t enough. It was the characters and their enthusiasm that made their way into my mind, then resonated with and remained with me.

This is far from an enjoyable experience, however it is a great source of enjoyment.


To be honest, this drama had been languishing on my watch list for a long time, mainly because dramaland kept rolling out newer and shinier dramas, and also partly because I knew that Gong Yoo’s cameo in it is super blink-and-you-miss-it brief.

This means that I can thank my newly acquired soft spot Hong Jong Hyun for motivating me finally to check out this drama.

And I’m glad that I made the effort to check it out despite its flaws, this show was a fun little watch with more pluses than minuses.


Here’s a list of my main complaints about this drama. These aren’t major, but they did make the show less enjoyable.

1. Plausibility & believability certainly a thing you’ll need to overcome in order to appreciate this show. The viewers of this show have to be able to suspend belief on a regular basis in the complex dating setups as well as the flawless timing for things that are beyond the characters’ control and even character motivations.

The world may be seen as manhwa-esque but it’s beneficial.

2. Uneven Pacing

It is also a problem. It’s not easy to find the right balance between the Case of the Day’s plot and the wider narrative of the characters. Additionally, some cases drag on for far too long, or aren’t as fascinating as others.

3. Contrived plot devices

Sometimes,..are used to make a point, the most egregious offenders being the kidnapping plotline in the final scene, which makes no narrative sense but nevertheless helps move our OTP along.

4. Uneven actions

It’s difficult to develop a cohesive tone in an ensemble cast because of everyone’s different acting abilities.


1. This drama is a surprise for Sooyoung.

Gong Min Young was made to feel genuine, warm and loved by her. I was amazed that she could handle the most difficult scenes with more agility as the cheerful sunny scenes.

Being the kpop noob that I was, I didn’t realize she’s an idol actor until I discovered the details by accident. Sooyoung has the potential to become a fantastic actor, I think.

2. Lee Jong Hyuk is a perfect fit as the gruff, grumbly Seo Byung Hoon, owner of Agency Cyrano, and as expected, imbues his character with great flashes nuance and depth to make up for the gruff.

3. Lee Chun Hee looks lovely as the mysterious Master who lives next to her. Master was given a shorter screen time, however Lee Chun Hee was able to ensure that every scene was crucial.

He gave Master depth and depth by the slight variations in his expressions, as well as the inflections of his gaze and was a pleasure to watch.

Lee Chun Hee is one of the characters I’ve always liked, in almost every role. I believe that Lee Chun Hee is a great actor to play in more dramas. He’s just an eye fun!

4. Cameos

Show isn’t too strict in regards to them due to the set-up. A lot of the cameos are pleasing to me, so I’m giving the spotlight to my favorite.

It was amusing to observe Ji Jin Hee as an eccentric loser, Lee Yoon Ji a neurotic librarian, and Lee Kwang Soo a dorky bread baker. Gong Yoo is a different favorite of mine.

5. Hong Jong Hyun is the beautiful and broody.

To be sure, Hong Jong Hyun is pretty stiff in this role and there’s certainly the potential for him to have played more in the role of Moo Jin. There were certain moments where I thought Hong Jong Hyun was a bit stiff despite Moo Jong Hyun being a wooden character.

Hong Jong Hyun was a great hacker, robotic, mysterious and hot person. I found it very funny that he used the word “Stahp” only a few times. I also found his relationship with Ha Yun Joo rather cute.


Although some viewers may be thinking that the age gap between Min Young & Byung Hoon too vast, I found myself falling in love with their combination.

The romance isn’t put in the center of the story, much to the benefit of the show. The show is focused on the cases that occur each day and the mystery surrounding Master’s and Byung Hoon’s backstories.

The romance is slowly revealed as Min Young and ByungHoon gradually developing feelings for one another and wrestling with those feelings.

In this way, I found the romance treatment to be authentic and real. After both of our characters had reached romantic feelings, so was I.

By the end of the series I was totally on board in the final episode of OTP. Min Young received a kiss from ByungHoon in the final scene.


To be truthful, I wasn’t entirely enthralled in ByungHoon and Master’s sweeping backstories. There were a lot of cases I was interested in, and some arcs appealed to me more than others.

So in a huge way it was the characters themselves and their individual personalities and quirks – that eventually attracted my attention enough to cause me to want to stay till the final.

The final VERDICT

Light and innocent with a touch of heart despite its shortcomings.

Final Grade: B



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